Swiss Technology

Swiss filtration technology

3 Step Swisspro Filtration Process


Step 1

CleanSwissP - Prefiltration Technology  

  • Preliminary filter to filter off suspended solid that may be present in the water
  • Safely trap and retain suspended solids that are up to 5 micron (or 0.005mm) in size, such as rust and/or sand particles, without any use of chemicals


Step 2

CarboSwiss - Activated Carbon Filtration

  • Adsorbes free chemicals, chlorine and other organic contaminants that contribute to bad taste and odour
  • Improves and enhances the natural taste of drinking water


Step 3

CeraSwiss - 0.2 Micron Ceramic Microfilter

  • Safely traps all harmful bacteria and retains suspended solids without using chemicals
  • Can be cleaned and reused
  • Incorporated Katadyn silver is working against bacteria growth in the filter. The silver quartz in the core of the filter works against bacteria recontamination from the outlet tap

CeraSwiss - 0.2 Micron Ceramic Microfilter



Safe and Natural Tasting Drinking Water