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  • Swiss-made filtration technology
  • Over 90 years manufacturing experience in Switzerland since 1928
  • Based on 15 years proven service in Singapore
  • Professional and personalized services
  • Preferred choice for its natural tasting drinking water at home, schools, hospitals and offices
  • Worldwide tested and certified by accreditation bodies
  • Every single filter is tested and meets the industry’s most stringent standards
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Complimentary Home Presentation
A closed look of Swisspro filter and faucet Interested in our Swisspro product? Our friendly sale...
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Upgrade Your Water Filter System
  Upgrade Your Swisspro Water Filtration System Today! Thinking of improving your water filt...
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Check Your Water System
Find out the status of your Swisspro System Want to find out the status of your Swisspro system a...
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On-Site Service Maintenance
Technical Assistance for your Swisspro system Need technical assistance for your system? Our trai...
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Why Piped-in Dispensers are the Top Choice for Offices?
Why Piped-in Dispensers are the Top Choice for Offices?
June 25, 2021
Why Piped-in Dispensers are the Top Choice for Offices?   Keeping your employees hydrated (and in turn, keeping them healthy and productive) during the workday is a simple but necess...
Response to CNA News
Response to CNA News
June 14, 2021
Response to CNA News   As a manufacturer of premium water systems, we are happy to receive coverage from CNA. It mostly reflects our point of view, solutions and technology. And it h...
Best Water Filters For Your Home
Best Water Filters For Your Home
May 23, 2021
Best Water Filters For Your Home Tap water in Singapore is relatively safe, however we can never rule out the chance of contaminants present in the water. From chlorine residue to rust, t...

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