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  • Swiss-made filtration technology
  • Over 90 years manufacturing experience in Switzerland since 1928
  • Based on 15 years proven service in Singapore
  • Professional and personalized services
  • Preferred choice for its natural tasting drinking water at home, schools, hospitals and offices
  • Worldwide tested and certified by accreditation bodies
  • Every single filter is tested and meets the industry’s most stringent standards
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Complimentary Home Presentation
A closed look of Swisspro filter and faucet Interested in our Swisspro product? Our friendly sale...
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Upgrade Your Water Filter System
  Upgrade Your Swisspro Water Filtration System Today! Thinking of improving your water filt...
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Referral Program
We have been receiving good customer reference and we would like to thank you with rewards from n...
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Check Your Water System
Find out the status of your Swisspro System Want to find out the status of your Swisspro system a...
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On-Site Service Maintenance
Technical Assistance for your Swisspro system Need technical assistance for your system? Our trai...
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Water Filters Online Store
 Swisspro Replacement FiltersPurchase our filters online and have it delivered to you...
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Why you should not drink from Plastic Bottled Water
Why you should not drink from Plastic Bottled Water
October 12, 2020
  "Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children."The worlds’ yearly plastic production...
We are participating in Ground Zero Run
We are participating in Ground Zero Run
September 8, 2020
 Running a small distance can help make a BIG difference. TEAM SWISSPRO SG has gathered runners to help Mercy Relief raise funds and scale the impact to assist more beneficiaries affected...
Harmful Compound found in Plastic Bottled Water
Harmful Compound found in Plastic Bottled Water
August 26, 2020
  "Risking our health over expensive and unsafe drinking water is not so smart."Who does not know the world famous natural mineral water from the Alps? This world famous water s...

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